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That Internet Explorer Thing

As Microsoft looks to force everyone onto Internet Explorer 7 – which is stunning BTW – let me share a couple of experiences.

First, it is a terrific browser. Arguably the best out there. With integrated RSS and apps like Onfolio it is a big leap forward over past Microsoft browsers and rivals anything on the market. I’ve got my delicious plug-ins installed and Google notebook.

As Steve suggests, it ushers in a new world for RSS. With a hook. I’m also running the new version of Office (beta). So, I collect all my feeds in Explorer – so far so good. Then it syncs those feeds with Outlook. Good at first. Then my Outlook inbox fills with feeds and bingo, my mailbox exceeds its limit. I’ve got feeds but no mail. Not good. And no clear way to stop the feeds syncing other that to manually delete them in Outlook. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this in the next betas of Office. Also, the feeds in Onfolio seemed not to sync with the feeds in Explorer or Outlook.

So, Microsoft is 100% of the way there in terms of competing with other browsers but 30% of the way there in terms of its own product suite when it comes to RSS. Maybe. I’m sure I’m missing something.

Either way, it’s a great browser.

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