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  • Smart as. ,
  • Really fell for all the good people at and now out of work. Hang in there gang. We'll be back and you'll be back.,
  • WFH VC anxiety occurs anytime someone sends me an invite to a VC on anything other than . Its 100% predicta… ,
  • Incredible to me how introduces new products with features that should have been in the old products and inc… ,
  • Spent an amazing week with folks from around the world in Tourism. Australia showed them its best. Breaks my heart… ,

Group Lark

Group Lark brings together real-world expertise in strategy, digital and brand to develop the new territories on which businesses and services can be built.

We are agitators and accelerants for transformations that create new sources of value.

Group Lark is different in a way that makes a difference.

We are a collaborative consultancy that designs teams to address clients unique needs. We are partnered with leaders globally to put the best resources to work in an efficient and effective. Our proprietary processes and technology give clients an edge in moving rapidly from idea to successful outcome.

  1. Proven track record: We are insiders that have built multi-billion-dollar digital products, services and brands globally. We know your audience well, and we know what it takes to engage them.
  2. Collaborative: We seek to enable and engage internal teams while proactively partnering with existing consultancies you might be working with. We use agile methods to ensure alignment and accountability.
  3. Proven IP & Methodologies: that have guided strategy and innovation across brands ranging from Simplot, Coles and Yum Brands to Air New Zealand, CBA, and Xero. We have the capabilities to rapidly prototype innovations and ideas.
  4. Multi-disciplinary: Because we’ve worked across all industries we move faster and with certainty. We know it’s about more than design or research. Its about creating propositions that win on mental, physical and digital availability.
  5. Commercial outcome orientation: We understand that at the end of the day, what makes it to PowerPoint makes some difference, but what makes it to a screen and shelf that touches a customer and manifests itself on the balance sheet that creates the real advantage.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from great organizations; big and small across every industry. More importantly, we’ve done it ourselves everywhere from start-ups to the world’s largest companies.