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Pimping my dell m1330

I’m really enjoying my Dell M1330.  Love the form factor and design.  Given I’m recommending it to all kinds of folks, here’s how to pimp it out for trips…

  1. Dell Travel Adapter.  This really small adapter enables you to run power to the unit from the socket or, clip in the “lighter” adapter for those long AA flights.  Am also thinking about getting the long-life battery but haven’t really needed it so far.  BTW – even though the M1330 has a hexagonal plug, the round ones fit as well…
  2. Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse.  I find this is really handy on long trips.  Although, the M1330 has a pretty large palm rest so I’m using it much less than when I traveled with my Dell D420.
  3. Jawbone Headset.  When on the move it works great with my Crackberry.  When in the hotel it is real handy for Skype calls.  Perfect sound.
  4. Shure Headset.  Frankly I don’t like these as much as the Bose but they are much more portable and deliver pretty good sound.  For long trips I’ll typically burn a couple of DVDs to disk and watch them on the flight.
  5. Zune player.  I really like the Zune interface and the player is great.  I’ve got a black 8gb version.
  6. USB port. I still carry one but rarely use it now.  My M1330 has plenty of ports and the SD reader means I just plug my Camera card in.
  7. I’m a bag junkie. At the moment I’ve got a Dell backpack which is pretty good and also a small Tumi briefcase.  I found I needed something bigger than both to lug my Mac around – not necessary with an M1330.

I’ll post what I’ve got to pimp my m1330 out on the desktop…

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