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News Blinks – May 9 ’05

  • Tufte’s Powerpoint comments called "nonsense" – don’t think that’s entirely fair but the thnking here is good.
  • Open source radio – Chris Lydon’s new web site is worth a look. "Public Radio International (PRI) and Open Source Media Inc. announce plans to launch the first radio program to embrace bloggers, Web enthusiasts, and the Internet transformation of media."
  • Singapore threatens to sue blogger (via FT – SR) – "A*Star defended its libel threat, saying it had "the responsibility to protect its reputation and also that of Singapore"
  • Presos from Blogtalk Downunder
  • Yawn – now we’re trying to figure out who is important
  • Concentrate now!
  • Jay in Australia
  • Congrats to all at Bite who celebrate their Tenth year.

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