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Crazy Australians…

You’ve probably seen those Outback TV ads which suggests Australians are more advanced because they are a day ahead… well, not these guys who decided to steal critters from the local zoo…

“The original plan was to steal a koala – that’s what they were going to use to swap [for] the drugs,” Mr Kemp said.

“[But] apparently [the koala] scratched the shit out of them.”

“The blokes have quite a lot of scratches and lacerations caused by the koala.”

The thieves then decided to take a crocodile instead.

“I don’t know what makes someone go, ‘Oh we tried to steal a koala and that didn’t work so lets go and steal a croc.’ ”

Police believe the crocodile was taken in the early hours of Saturday morning but Mr Kemp remembers seeing it on Sunday morning.

He thinks it must have been taken on Monday morning when another drama occurred at the zoo.

“One of the wombats got bitten by a snake. No one can officially remember seeing [the female] crocodile on Monday.”

Some stories are just too good…

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