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MarketingProfs Daily Fix…

MarketingProfs has launched a blog – Daily Fix. Lead story falls into the current story trend of “why not to blog“. In this case, some of the reasons not to blog are the very reasons to blog:

10. You can’t control every message on a blog. (But message control has always been an illusion.) Right. So might as well blog. At least the loose creative act will result in more authentic messages with real-time feedback.

9. You’ll have to decide when to respond and when to ignore comments. Isn’t that the whole point? Don’t do it if you don’t want dialogue. And plenty of blogs simply turn-off comments all together, or, only turn them on for topics that they want feedback on.

8. It’s hard to build an audience. It takes time, effort, and skillful promotion to build an audience for a blog. So get started now. Immediately. It’s just as hard using any other medium. If the point here is that it isn’t as simple as it might seem, I agree. But just because it is hard, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a swing at it.

And… 3. Blogging is addictive. You might not be able to stop. It’s also lots of fun. I agree!

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