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  • Further spotlighting the Wallabies Woes ,
  • Like wo has tapes anyway? Or even a tape recorder? Or a tape player? Or a fax? ,
  • RH: respect the opportunity you have @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: Stay humble. Work hard. What happened yesterday has no relevance to today or next week. Don't wait for chance. @Cannes_Lions,
  • RH: companies matter in terms of getting stories out to people. @Cannes_Lions,
  • RH points to Trad media co's entering OTT ... @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: nothing bad happens that doesn't have some good associated with it @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: Eventually will be a NFL team in London @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft: The future is OTT - which means goodbye TV as we know it. Mobile + streaming + integration with games = winner @Cannes_Lions,
  • Kraft is concerned middle class not doing as well as they should. So right @Cannes_Lions,
  • The hard thing and the right thing are the same thing. Kraft @Cannes_Lions,
  • Practice patience. Never make a change unless you have something better. Kraft @Cannes_Lions,
  • Great orgs are built on inspired talent that is difficult to manage, sometimes large in confidence and ego, strong: Kraft at @Cannes_Lions,
  • The best tend to be the most creative - and tend to be the most difficult. As a leader you must learn to live with that. Kraft @Cannes_Lions,
  • Cannes debate underway.,
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The Handmade Diary

OK, so I’ve got a stationary, notebook, pen fetish. If i stopped buying now, I wouldn’t ever need another. My justification is the perpetual fight against clutter and time… It’s great to read about a fellow sufferer

John, "…having unhappily put up with an unwieldy multitude of diaries, address
books and notepads for years, Mr. Berendt caught the Gutenberg spirit
three years ago and indulged in a little obsessive-compulsive print
project of his own. He printed up all the letters and numbers he would
need to spell out the months and days of the week (no need for K, X, Q
or Z) and sent them to a company that makes rubber stamps to order."

A lovely story from the NYTimes…

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