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Blog Shut Down By Gag Order…

Looks like Spin Bunny is no more. I’m not sure but this could be the first Blog casualty of a legal attack? While the content was very UK centric it was always an entertaining read. I hope we know who did this to them and soon. Send the names over Bunny – we’ll get them!

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  1. By Morgan McLintic on April 14th, 2005 at 7:48 pm

    Given this was an anonymous blog, it looks to me like the author decided to stop posting in order to withhold his/her identity, which would have to be revealed in court, rather than as a direct result of the gagging order itself. Had this been a named blog, the outcome may have been different. It looks like self-interest, rather than legal premise, which brought Spin Bunny to a close.

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