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THe new media

Is it the old media? Steve points to a recent study and makes this observation:

Three data points from the joint IAB/Booz Allen Hamilton study are particularly noteworthy:

  • By 2010, 53% of media companies surveyed expect to do more business directly with marketers. The majority of marketers (52%) feel the same about publishers
  • Only 27% of marketers expect to be doing more business with agencies two years from now
  • Today nearly every media company (91%) offers some kind of “agency-like” services. This includes former untouchables like idea generation (88%) and creative development (79%)

Steve goes on to say:

The image of media companies as lumbering dinosaurs lingering toward extinction in a world of infinite content is downright wrong. They are more in sync with consumers than any other contingency in the marketing ecosystem. Their entire DNA is digital.

Really, I haven’t seen a scrap of evidence that this is the case. But I do agree that traditional agencies face a real challenge.

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  1. By Tom O’B on March 7th, 2008 at 10:45 am


    Interesting post. I don’t think the Old Media and the New Media will be the same thing.

    I was in SFO last week and had the opportunity to contrast two agencies – both award winning shops. One of them has their roots in great TV spots and is quickly and effectively integrating digital into everything they do. The other has their roots firmly in digital – but has grown into “big advertising”.

    They are comment worthy – because I meet so few agencies that are so clear about a holistic approach to marketing.

    I would say these two are the exception – not the rule!


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