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TV right? And so the stupid movement begins its attack on vlogs and Internet video in the workplace… The Wall Street Journal reports that a growing number of companies are thinking about blocking online videos in the workplace — blaming productivity loss and bandwidth (a garbage argument created by the technologically weak). Here are the benefits as I see it:

  1. Getting employees to use the likes of YouTube is a great first step to actually getting them into your properties on YouTube
  2. Video is the future – when faced with a choice, employees would rather watch than read… so get them to love watching
  3. They come to understand the implications of this new platform.  Anyone can be a producer – and hopefully they will
  4. More controversially, its just fun.  Happy employees are productive employees.
  5. It plugs them into the culture, sub culture and conversation you so desperately want to be part of

Finally, like you really have a choice…

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  1. By Paul McKeon on March 5th, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    I agree, but it also happens inadvertently even in the best companies since at least some IT practices can vary from country to country.
    Good to see you posting again.
    Cheers, Paul

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