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Software To Kill Press Releases…

How incredibly dumb. Maybe a new category of software: PRWare? It’s got to be a spoof right?

"ShuTup 1.0, which is launching this week, is aimed at security professionals, IT administrators, journalists, and editors. These markets suffer crushing volumes of e-mail in the wake of the threat-du-jour."

Apparently they have a "patent pending pitch detection" engine. This is just too funny to be taken seriously:

"The heart of ShuTup 1.0 is its patent-pending ‘pitch detection engine.’ It combines a variety of techniques to spot self-aggrandizing speech, including deep BS inspection, application-level annoying behavior analysis, and kernel-of-truth-based assessment. The product is available immediately."

Gee, I wonder of any of these seriously bright IT guys have ever thought about creating a rule that just puts all content containing the word press release into the Junk folder… But hey, why use existing features in existing products when you can buy new stuff…

Morgan’s also got more on this one…

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