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BusinessWeek covers the recent departures at Microsoft. What’s interesting is that they point to the role of blogs and email in laying the culture bare. While there is no question of the impact of both these mediums, the thing that had a real impact for me was the testimony of computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee which was heavily reported in mainstream media. Dragging ex-employees through court only to have this kind of testimony revealed just ain’t a good thing.

Tracking your employees’ reporting – and the tone of those posts – should be a priority for any communicator. Not to effect change on any one individual(or seek retribution, god forbid) but rather to create a new barometer of employee sat, especially given that small clusters of vocal employees typically influence the masses. In the Participatory Era you had better be tracking every dimension of participating. Tracking the dialog will give you a feel for whether employees really want to participate in your company.

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  1. By Marion Vermazen on September 21st, 2005 at 9:49 am

    Another interesting under the radar impact of blogging is that analyst can and do contact ex employees to gain insite about the company. It has happened to me and I’m sure it happens a lot to people in engineering and marketing.

    /// Great comment. Blogs have given the alumni of these companies a voice. I wonder how many of them think about us like that. I’m constantly getting questions about my time at Sun and Nortel. Like all things, experience is perishable – its relevancy declines over time. But, just the same, insight is insight.

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