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  • I've also realised that my spelling on Tweets is about 1000x worse than anywhere. It's embarrassing. Oh well.,
  • Looing at speakers at big B2B conferences before I register makes me depressed. Want to hear from makers and doers… ,
  • Woohoo! Time eliminate manual note-taking and end not knowing if your Salesforce records are up to date... Dubber U… ,
  • Would be consistent with what they’ve done around the world. And their right to do so. What the Aussie Govt is prop… ,
  • It’s interesting to me how when a company () details how it will respond to legislation it is deemed by the… ,
  • Good read on the interference of Govt in how the Internet works... Internet's founder, US officials slap down News… ,
  • OMG. So sad... ,
  • Good look at the impacts of SAH on compliance and tech... Be Prepared to Stay at Home in 2021 – even if you don’t w… ,
  • Dense Discovery is still my favourite newsletter. Look forward to it each week. Well worth supporting IMHO.… ,
  • Great read... I Feel Better Now | Jake Bittle ,
  • Another great example of cluelessness. Google has a right to exercise inordinate power over its own products. Just… ,
  • via ... is hard for us here to laugh. States now run the country abs SOMO sitting on the sidelines. ,
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Video Blogs come to phones

Video blogs are coming to phones… It would be great for me to be able to get a video blog of Sophia at home while on the road.

This all might work brilliantly in 3G Europe but I’m not so sure in Silicon Valley where reception is nothing short of pathetic. The carriers here – Cingular, T/Mobile, Sprint… should all be ashamed of their service quality and delivery here in the valley. Its actually got to the point that I pretty much can’t use my mobile for anything other than a 20 second call unless I am in the city or out of town. That is really sad.

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