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The Next Big Thing

"What are you doing?" This is about one of the most popular questions I get asked. The simple answer is that I continue to manage a portfolio of interests with a real focus on…

The Big Deal
A month or so ago I decided to join a really exciting start-up here in the Valley as chief marketing officer. LogLogic is to systems data what Google is to the web. We capture 100% of log data from any device – networking, storage, server, application (industry or homegrown) – and enable it to be stored, reported and alerted on. Unlike homegrown log management or niche security event managment solutions, we’re enterprise-class (think scaleable; thousands of devices, 50,000 messages per second, 10,000+ reports…) and arrive in your data center in an easy to install appliance. Think 10 minute install, 10 seconds to reporting. I’m having a blast and we’re growing like cazy. (and yes, I know we need a new web site, RSS, a blog and all that good stuff…)

Alongside that I’m also working away on:

The Lark Group…
… continues to flourish. I’m still leading it as we operate in stealth mode (if there is such a thing). What is interesting is our clients are more non-tech enterprises (manufacturing), travel, financial services and consumer companies. They appear to be embracing blogging and other participatory technologies at a really fast rate. We have a range of commercial blog projects underway that will debut over the next year – of of which are really, really exciting.

No. 8 Ventures….
I continue to be a director of N0. 8 ventures, New Zealand’s leading venture capital firm focused on technology and bio-tech. We’re weil into our second fund and participating in great companies such as Esphion, Argent, SurveyLab and VCU. I love the time get to spend here and also the companies I get to spend it with. Thanks to Jenny for her support, mentoring and insights…

… and if that wasn’t enough…
I’m chairperson of the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise’s US technology beachhead. And I write for Corante as often as I can. And I’m trying to be a great dad to my gorgeous little buddy, Sophia

2 Responses

  1. By Anita Campbell on September 22nd, 2005 at 3:22 pm

    That “Dad” stuff suits you, I can tell.

  2. By Jory Des Jardins on September 29th, 2005 at 5:40 pm

    As per usual, Andy, slacking off. Glad I read the blog and got the update.

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