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News Blinks & Pointers: May 17, AM ’05

  • Looking up words on your Mac…
  • Is that a Condom in your PodCast
  • Now that’s the way to build subscribers… Start charging more… It perhaps the dumbest marketing move of the tear, The New York TImes will, for a fee, provide exclusive access to Op-Ed and news columnists on, easy and in-depth access to The Times’s online archives, early access to select articles on the site, as well as other exciting features. All this will encourage me to do is dump my print subscription all together. The FT is looking nicer by the day… Isn’t EPIC looking real?

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  1. By Alice Marshall on May 17th, 2005 at 6:42 pm

    I think the FT is what they had in mind. A few years ago the FT began to move its opinion section behind the subscription wall, then feature articles. Now most of it is paid content. I think the NYT decided that since the WSJ and FT charged for their material, so could they. We’ll see how well this works, but I have to believe the Guardian Group is smiling right now.

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