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American sports have long baffled me. Football is about as close to the triumph of project management over sport as one can get.  Baseball has mastered the art of boring people while selling them over priced, crap food… And now this… Baseball wants to restrict live blogging of events…

The NCAA responded two weeks ago by releasing a new policy for live blogging of collegiate sporting events (PDF).

The policy provides for limited blogging by credentialed bloggers only. I.e., American football bloggers get a maximum of 3 posts per quarter, and 1 at halftime. For baseball, it’s once per inning, for golf — 10 per day. Bloggers are also required to submit their coverage to the NCAA’s Blog Central directory and to include the NCAA logo and link on their post.

Imagine if we tried pulling that on the media and bloggers… Note to the Wall Street Journal: you only get three stories a year and 1 mid quarter….

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