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  • Naked Answers from Werner Vogels – refreshingly blunt says Nicolas Carr… I can see both sides of this one. I do think Scoble and Shel deserve a huge amount of credit for creating the book and evangelizing blogging. Sometimes important conversations get lost in the way and tone with which questions are asked. The response on Naked Conversations was appropriate.
  • And while visiting Rough Type, Nicolas has this to say on the legal risks inherent in blogging. Shel doesn’t think so but I do believe Mr. Carr makes some valid points here as it relates to corporate blogging. Buried in the comments are some good links including one from Scoble himself. The point here is that these are what Nick says they are – risks. Risks are what we take whenever we communicate. Any communicator/blogger with a modicum of intelligence will assess the risk and make a call before spouting forth.
  • “To me, asking why you should use blogs is like asking why you should answer the phone.” Dave
  • Guy on Apple at 30

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