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Apple Launches New Product…

Too funny… All joking aside Apple are really the masters of the product launch.

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A ZeFrank Classic

Something to cheer-up your Friday afternoon… Brilliant!

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I Crashed On Mars Shortly After Takeoff

This is soooo much fun… neat mash-up with Google…

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What they really meant when they said that…

Some classic quotes here… Including a range of Bush gems

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Fare Comment!

Classic from the Daily Mail – a reporter mistakes a taxi driver for a leading tech expert who then comments on the Apple case…

“Baffled, but compliant, the driver was fitted with a microphone and allowed himself to be marched in to the studio. Cameras rolled, and he was quizzed live on air by consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman – who missed the cabbie’s panic-stricken expression when he realised he was being interviewed.” – Daily Mail

You gotta watch the video… Thanks to Gerry for the pointer.