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  • Self help posts on Medium have reached toxic levels. .,
  • Malcolm Turnbull thinks Australia Post's CEO is overpaid - and it looks like he's the world's most expensive postie ,
  • “Algolia: The Most Impactful Early Sales Tactics” ,
  • DropBox story is just amazing – From zero to a billion in a decade ,
  • Wandered into JBHifi. Had what I needed on display but not in stock. Why merch what you don't have. Bring on Amazon. .,
  • Wow, was waiting for Amazon to arrive and nuke Aussie retail. Seems they Rent needed. Herringbone and R&B now in VA. ,
  • I Work from Home - The New Yorker ,
  • Dan has some good thoughts here on defining social media success by on @LinkedIn,
  • It's like forgot about dashboard in OSX. Why not just remove it?,
  • Great thoughts on agile marketing. ,
  • They are back! I want one of those hats! Jamiroquai - Automaton via @YouTube,
  • What happened to our Democratic leaders ? The silence is deafening. Stand-up with us and fight this. ,
  • So many clever fintech startups emerging and getting funding ,
  • Reading the latest economist - strikes me how bad B2B advertising is. Why do Co's think animating bad ads makes them better?,
  • Great read.... ,
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News Blinks & Pointers: June 1, PM ’05

  • Yahoo publishes blogging guidelines – story via Jeremy
  • RSS your press releases…
  • How to do media training you are really going to need… the S49rs media training video fiasco… here are the videos… and as he says … "you do something controversial, it will have an impact on this team… and what you say is not only a relfection of yourself, its a reflection of the San Francisco 49ers…" OK, this was developed for a specific audience and is going to be taken wildly out of context but why would you do this knowing that everything you do is being covered by the media? Oh dear….

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