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  • Quarter final super rugby and the stadium looks pretty empty. Sad state of super rugby in AU,
  • Agree with Mark - don't get it. Don't need to be reminded that my sandwich was a beauty chook. ,
  • I just published “The Cannes Conundrum” ,
  • Church in London has a little cafe in the entrance serving Allpress coffee. How good is that. God and coffee to go. ,
  • That flight to London is one epic trip. Thanks for an enjoyable flight.,
  • Must read for all marketers... ,
  • ... instead correlate TV to commercial outcomes, not online viewing ,
  • ... but buying TV so people watch you on YouTube while trying to sell Tide... that's more than strange ... ,
  • Another reason TV is so important a part of the Mix - spillover into online engagement ... ,
  • Well that's a change. Might be better to focus on the tech stuff though. And the need for lots of it. ,
  • Some beautiful coffee kit here... ,
  • Further evidence that the IRB are nearly as out of touch with rugby performance as the ARU ,
  • Acquisition is important for growth... But if its is just replacing loss, it isn’t growth – it’s just churn .. ,
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Classic Quote…

From this morning’s Good Morning Silicon Valley…

"Most of you are familiar with the book ‘Understanding Media’ by Marshall McLuhan. It sometimes comes as a shock to be reminded that in operational and practical terms, the medium is the message. He was right. … People always say that content is king, but there’s a lot of content out there and it can’t all be king. So if content is king, you don’t just want king. You want King Kong content."

— Sean "P. Diddy" Combs gives mad props to the original Eminem at the CTIA Convention

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