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Let Me Get This Straight…

You can build an unsecure OS (Windows) and applications (like Internet Explorer) and then effectively force folks to buy a safer version in order to correct the errors of previous versions. I am soooo glad not to be living in a Windows world…. Gillmor is absolutely right in that it wouldn’t seem a leaf has been turned – if in fact they want to charge us for their errors… Microsoft’s behavior makes the clear case for individuals and enterprises to immediately use an alternate browser and then start doing the same on the desktop. I’ve got the Java Desktop System running on a new Tadpole and just love it. It’s got a few quirks but is more than adequate for everything I need – with the added benefits of no viruses and no Microsoft taxes. I use my Mac at home for all my personal stuff and love that too. It’s the perfect personal computer but way to expensive in my mind for businesses to deploy and maintain. As soon as I can use my SunRay at home I will slip my Java card in and enjoy the virus free world of Solaris at home. Can’t wait.

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