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The New Dynamic

Steve Gillmor makes a really interesting point:

This is the subscription economy we’re talking about. Not the Blogosphere so much as the Syndisphere. In this ecosystem the contract is based on continued attention, not captured attention. It leverages a form of broadcast couch potato dynamics, where inertia keeps you tuned from ER to Leno to Today. When CSI broke that cycle, it was a big deal. In the Syndisphere once you’ve signed on, it takes more effort than it’s worth to sign off. Unsubscribing requires real motivation.

I’ve recently found myself unsubscribing from Blogs that don’t add a whole lot of value to my reading. It’s a personal thing. But isn’t it nice to be able to build your own news flow? As we’ve all been saying – the user is in control. But what this points to is how little control I have – I get to turn the on and off switch, but the rest is way out of my reach.


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