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Sponsored Blogging…

Interesting seeing how different corporates are entering into the Blogosphere. BusinessPundit has an interesting post on how AMEX paid them to blog on a speech by Richard Branson and continue the conversation in the Blogosphere. I like the idea which falls into a category of blogging which I see as sponsored citizen journalism.

Visa is about to launch a really smart initiative also (disclosure: I’ve been involved in counseling them on it). Thier approach is different and is something I put in the category of sponsored community activation. They will host, sponsor and manage a blog on which Olympic athletes can journal their journey to the Winter Games in Torino. It’s a really cool idea from my POV. First, for those of us keen on following the athletes we get to hear from them unfiltered and directly as they head towards their respective tournaments. Second, it will be rich content: words, photos, podcasts, v/casts. Third, it will add a whole new dimension to the way we look at athletes (I think). It’s the stuff we might read about well after the games in, say, Outside Magazine.

Both add to the richness of the blogosphere. Watch for more on Visa’s initiative in the coming week.

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  1. By Don on June 23rd, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Good idea, but it’s a pity all the attention is going to the sports.

    Dancers work just as hard and entertain with more variety, yet get less sponsoring.
    The same for musicians.

    I’m blogging and trying to get some money to buy a friend a computer for her autistic child. And if possible for her 3 other autistic children as well.

    But it would be far more easy if people in bussiness would be a bit more altruistic and help them long term.

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