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Searching The Trust Circle or, “The Wisdom Of My Crowd”

Searching the blogosphere isn’t of that much interest to me. Neither is what was last written. What is of interest is searching my circle of trusted commentators, pundits and friends for topics of interest – I want to know what they have collectively found interesting. I want to tap into “the wisdom of my crowd”. Extend this and you get to an interesting notion for corporations.

Who would you recommend to your customers as the “trust circle” they should turn to when considering a purchase or something tangential to a purchase – say a travel destination, or mountain biking routes? This is a serious opportunity for someone to go tackle. How, when joining a new community can you plug into a new trust circle.

Ross Mayfield also wants a version of Techmeme focused on his trusted circle. He hits on the point well: Cue up not what is popular, or what the people I subscribed to produced. Cue up what my social network has found interesting.

Apparently there is a personal meme tracker buried in Feedburner that I am going to hunt out.

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  1. By Lauren Vargas on September 8th, 2006 at 5:04 am

    Let me clarify…do you mean a new professional group/organization, etc when you ask, “How, when joining a new community can you plug into a new trust circle?” If so, my response is to be a lurker. Take time to listen and understand the culture of the community. Do not wait too long to be a voice, but perhaps after listening, you will be an educated voice. Just something to consider.

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