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Reuters To Distribute Blogs….

According to CNet

Reuters Group has taken a stake in Web media-syndication site Pluck and has agreed to distribute blogs worldwide as part of a new media strategy.

Reuters, a news and information company, has invested $7 million in the Austin, Texas-based company in return for an undisclosed ownership stake, Pluck co-founder and Chief Executive Dave Panos said.

Pluck operates a blog syndication network called BlogBurst, which connects newspapers and other media sites to 2,800 selected blogs, helping traditional media supplement their journalism with blogs.

One of the interesting issues this might pose – at least over time – is what if I don’t want my blog distributed or syndicated? What if it is being written for a relatively narrow audience of colleagues, clients, friends or family? While the simple answer might be joining one of the online blog communities and password protecting the site I might not want to bother with either the supplier or the administration. Rather, some might prefer to revel in absolute obscurity. How will they seek permission to repurpose and republish?

One Response

  1. By John Dowdell on November 15th, 2006 at 8:57 am

    Blogburst requires membership… you need to sign up to get into their network.

    I found it pretty funny that Reuters was advertising its distribution of weblog content, though… I see their point, it just sounds strange…. 😉


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