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Tributes to Drucker Pour In.

The sad passing of Peter Drucker is #4 on Technorati. Here is a great quote from Peter that Tom flags:

The effective executive makes strength productive. He knows that one cannot build on weakness. To achieve results, one has to use all the available strengths — the strengths of associates, the strengths of the superior, and one’s own strengths. These strengths are the true opportunities. To make strength productive is the unique purpose of organization. It cannot, of course, overcome the weaknesses with which each of us is abundantly endowed. But it can make them irrelevant. Its task is to use the strength of each man as a building block for joint performance. – The Effective Executive

Jack Yoest shares a tale of how Peter wrote so brilliantly:

“How does Peter Drucker write so much and write so clearly?”

All writers have that moment of looking at a blank page before words form. But Drucker wrote some 30 books.

Mr. Russell shook his head in disbelief. “Peter would start with a large yellow legal pad and write out page after page after page. His first draft.”

“Lots of writers do that,” I said. “But maybe on a computer.”

“Sure,” says Russell leaning forward. “But Drucker then rips it up. Throws it out. He never keeps any first draft.”

He went on to explain that Drucker knew his subject with such depth and richness that he would use the draft merely as a warm-up exercise before doing the ‘real writing.’

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  1. By MB on November 13th, 2005 at 11:20 am

    Every age has a Guru, Drucker was one on our age.
    – Mohan

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