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Something Every PR Person Should Read

Great post over at RRW on pitching them.  Some terrific rules for every PR pro.  I like the ideas on RSS especially and OPML files.  All PR Agencies should be doing what Voce are doing…

Voce Communications’ Justin Kistner sent me a great OPML file in response to my asking on Twitter why so few PR people have sent my their clients’ feeds. Here’s the file Justin put together and here’s what it contains:

  • The feed for Voce’s company blog, Voce Nation
  • A feed for press releases, which he said was empty right now but will deliver the goods when there are items available
  • A combined feed of all the Voce peoples’ messages on Twitter, built using the attractive service Tweetpeek – something I hadn’t seen before. I’m going to delete this feed from my reader just because I already converse with two thousand people on Twitter and I don’t need more of those messages in my RSS reader. Better safe than sorry, though – an OPML file can be like a menu for subscribers to select from.
  • The highlight of the file is a feed from Yahoo Pipes that splices together the blogs of all of Voce’s PR clients. It’s something that Justin can edit behind the scenes and I’ll never know the difference – I’ll just get posts from the feeds of new clients as he ads their feeds to the master feed I’ve subscribed to. It’s a great solution to the problem.

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