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Some PowerPoint Tips…

I get to review many, many PowerPoint presentations. Some of them long, some of them short. Many littered with the same basic nitty, gritty errors. Here are some things to watch for:

  1. Use one font and one font only. “Fonitis” is a disease. Don’t let it infect your presentation.
  2. Watch bullet types. Keep them clean and consistent.
  3. Use tabs in the ruler to adjust space between the bullet and your text, not the space bar
  4. Use the line spacing tool to adjust the space between lines and paragraphs. Do not use the font size. As soon as you reapply the template you will nuke your presentation.
  5. Get consistent font sizes via the template tool. It’s a nightmare doing it slide-by-slide
  6. Review it on the big screen. You’ll be amazed what you notice

Just some thoughts…

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