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Seven Blogging Rules…

… from Mr. Carr nonetheless. Some pretty sound advise. His first is a doozy:

  1. Don’t do it. If you have no compelling business reason to get involved in the blogosphere, then don’t.

I’m with him. And this is typically the hardest part of initiating any blogging effort – defining the compelling reason to blog. I’d love to hear from small to medium enterprise bloggers. The reason I ask this is that large companies are typically rich in talent and resources. In smaller enterprises blogging normally involves a trade-off. And where there are trade-offs involved, you’d better have a compelling reason for doing something.

Where I am not with Nick – and this directly relates to my experience of Sun – is that by encouraging and affording people the opportunity to blog they do bad things. My experience was they do great things and that a “sand pile for self expression” can be a good thing. I’ve seen the same in many companies now. They trick is to get the foundation right.

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