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  • Reflects what I witnessed coming back into NSW Sydney airport. The worst kind of bureaucratic indecency on people l… ,
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  • Powering Financial Services Compliance with Voice Data by ,
  • Great read - really resonated... Your Marketing Team is Slow. Here’s a Framework to Move Faster. | First Round Revi… ,
  • Huge congrats to all the team Amazing start-up with great leadership and great investor backing ,
  • If you can say anything you like on TV why are we dragging Tech CEOs to Washington and attempting to hold them acco… ,
  • Great to see Aussie-born Rokt still going strong. ,
  • Anyone who thinks Share of Search's moment has arrived hasn't been working in digital for at least the last decade.… ,
  • Spot on... what I saw at Sydney airport Monday night wasn't OK... Folks that had applied and been given a permit be… ,
  • The irony of NSW having double the cases of Victoria today but imposing the most draconian and inhuman limits on Vi… ,
  • More nothing announcement from Apple. Yawn. Seriously, this is the best they could do? And why not get rid of light… ,
  • Rage against the regime, end lockdown ‘torture’ - AND- Rage against the staggering border controls in place. Having… ,
  • If you want to see Kafkaesque government bureaucracy in action, just fly in through Sydney airport at the moment -… ,
  • The demands from Business and Federal leaders to reopen Victoria is clear. What is absent is the need to open at le… ,
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  • The move to the cloud will impact MSFT… Interesting… :: “In five years, 50 percent of our Exchange mailboxes will be Exchange Online,” said Capossela, who expects a portion of Exchange Online customers to come from customers switching from International Business Machines’ Lotus Domino system. According to research firm Radicati, Exchange will run about 210 million corporate e-mail accounts in 2008, growing to 319 million mailboxes in 2012.
  • Here’s a post on how hard it is to make advertising on Facebook work. I’ve seen opposite results in some of the campaigns I’ve run using the same thesis. Perhaps the notion to challenge here isn’t the effectiveness of the platform in driving clicks but rather if traditionally presented and produced ads work. What if this was more inviting for the community? What if it encouraged participation? Better still, what if it rewarded participation? As this fella says: Instead, we need to challenge the impression-based advertising model and create marketing that consumers actually want to engage with. Now that’s a marketing model worth the hype, and certainly an improvement for both marketers and their consumers. Bottom-line is, bad ads deliver bad results irrespective of the media – but when misplaced or in not appropriate for the media, they absolutely deliver bad results. George Colony at Forrester has some great counterpoints to the belief that advertising will continue to drive business models.  Jon Fine at BusinessWeek reports more on how making money on YouTube will take longer than expected.  And Chris Anderson at The Long Tail reports that broad interest targeting is working better on focused networks through Ning.)
  • Got a chuckle from this post on the The Steinbrenner Method of Management – from There are ways to motivate and there are ways to demotivate. What Hank Steinbrenner, a senior executive with the New York Yankees, did the other day is decidedly in the latter category. “We’ve got to forget about all the injuries and start playing our butts off,” Steinbrenner told the New York Post. “These players are being paid a lot of money and they had better decide for themselves to earn that money.”

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