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our competition in facebook

Some applause for our Regeneration competition on Facebook.  I’m thrilled the team chose to do this on Facebook…

Mix a premium brand with one of the best applications on Facebook and you get Dell’s Regeneration campaign, which asked people to use FM author GraffitiWall’s application to draw what green means to them. It attracted more than 7,000 drawings using GraffitiWall and a million votes for the best ones. Read the tale of the campaign on Chas Edwards’ blog, ChasNote, and see the amazing work in the Top 150 submissions on GraffitiWall.

A couple of observations:

  1. Costs a fraction of the cost of doing this on your own site – actually, pretty much nothing
  2. Zero IT barriers, which for anyone working in a medium to large company is a major factor
  3. Inviting a community to play is much easier than driving traffic to your own site and asking them to play there
  4. The tools on Facebook are just amazing… I love watching the graphics take shape – be sure to hit Replay on some of the images.
  5. We didn’t drive entries (data or form-fill) into Regeneration,org out of respect for the community and playing in the community.  Hard to get your head around this as a marketer when you are trying to grow two communities at once – the Dell and Regen community on Facebook – and the community at Regeneration.org.
  6. Would definitely do this again.

Be sure to join The Regeneration.

Other coverage: LA TImes, Chasnotes,

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  1. By Simon Young on February 3rd, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Awesome case study, thanks for sharing your insights. How did you get such intense involvement from people? And did you have to sell the idea of not collecting data to higher management?

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