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OK, so there is no difference

Walt has a little “how-to” piece on switching from Windows to a Mac – if anything this piece exposes that there is little difference between the two. Windows matches Apple feature for feature and does more in many categories.

He also fails to point out features in Windows that are pretty neat… for instance, on switching programs – holding the windows key down and hitting tab will give you a visual rolodex of your applications – this is really useful if working on a multitude of PowerPoint presentations. Which, you’d be doing on a lesser version of Office if using a Mac.

And oh, Apple does have a right click button (actually, I know this – have a few macs kicking about). The fact they make it difficult to use is ignored. How about putting a right click button on the mouse?

I also get a chuckle of the misuse of data – “Sales of Apple’s Macintosh computers have been growing much faster than PC sales overall” – ok – off a very small share the percentile number is ok. But lets put that in perspective – Dell’s total increase in notebook sales last quarter – just the increase – nearly dwarfed all Apple notebook sales. I’ll take our increase over there total shipments any day. And the much maligned Vista is out shipping them as well.

Let me see, a PC costs less, same or better features, more applications, is faster… hmmm…. why change?

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  1. By Jon At Work on July 7th, 2008 at 8:30 am

    Make sure you compare similar systems. Once you account for similar hardware and software, your prices will be more in line.

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