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Love Hate Blackberry…

The Webclient is just appalling. It is one of the worst performing interfaces I have ever seen and renders the Blackberry virtually useless for those of us using the Mac platform. Compounding the speed and general functioning of the “service” is it’s dependence on the utterly worthless and now abandoned Internet Explorer for Mac.

At what point does Cingular wake up and head down the path of T-Mobile who abandoned the web client in favor of what we all want – straight pass through of email messages? Wake-up Cingular – Blackberry’s worthless Web client reflects badly on your brand. I’m switching to T-Mobile as soon as I return from NZ.

If you want a Blackberry and aren’t afforded the luxury of the Enterprise server edition, do not buy it from Cingular. Instead, buy from T-Mobile who won’t subject you to the totally non functioning, IE dependent, cumbersome, web interface – all probably under the guise of selling you a few more bytes of storage.

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