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Interesting web aps

Lachlan has some interesting thoughts on cool web apps based on a tweetvey (twitter survey…)… And Richard weighs in with his…

Imeem (I’m enjoying exploring this admittedly trendy music site, especially the playlists), soup.io (an underrated lifestreaming app, better than Tumblr IMHO, with full-text feeds and loads of ajaxy goodness), and… Cuil. No I’m kidding about the last one. The third is Basecamp (the online project management service that keeps our RWW business on track and organized; maybe stretching to call it ‘exciting’, but as a business app it does the business).

Lachlan said that his favorite 3 things online were Twitter (www.twitter.com), Tumblr (www.tumblr.com) and Fire Eagle (www.fireeagle.yahoo.net).

I’m enjoying Jott, Twitter and Songza

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