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Blog entry costs NetworkWorld columnist column

Mike’s done a great job for NW and will be missed. Seems what looks like a pretty harmless blog post cost him the column. He definitely goes out swinging

The bigger topic is how the media world is changing and folks like NetworkWorld seem more like dinosaurs than ever. It’s all about community now and user-generated content. It’s about opinions coming in from all over the place because anyone with a web browser can be a publisher now.

Looking at this I wonder if NW haven’t over reacted. My counsel would have been to recognize the feedback and take it on board. External columnists by default have a greater external than internal accountability. I chuckled this morning as I was driving to work hearing a CNN/fn reporter comment on how much his employers stock – GE – sucked. Wonder if they will fire him?

One of the new dimensions that all employers are going to face in an era of participatory media is more employee and contractor dialogue in the market. Some of it you are going to wish you heard first or could take off line. But that privilege is something the writer gets to extend – you don’t get to demand it unless it breaches policies and the like.

Employers should view this as an opportunity. Take the feedback and revel in it. More than often it reflects a broader trend or opinion.

Mike’s Security Incite newsletter is worth subscribing to.

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