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The Rise of Low Code / No Code

I’m seeing more and more marketers getting into low-code / no-code platforms to drive marketing automation. Like many of the more geeky things, it’s starting with a bunch of smart tech-centric marketers who are fed-up with the cost, complexity, and frankly – archaic interfaces and features of most current marketing automation platforms.

Products like Coda, Airtable and Notion are popping-up everywhere. Notion replaces the annoying features of Confluence with something more flexible and friendly. Airtable provides a simple way to integrate data sources and mine data.

Then there are data platforms like Hevo. Hevo helps marketers connect and manage large data sets – letting them mine them for insights – say correlating digital ad performance and sales without the need for or to bother a data team.

Marketers have battled for years with the services costs and talent gap in deploying Martech – low-code / no-code platforms flip the switch on a more efficient and affordable way to make marketing work.

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