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Reflection: More of the same

My inbox is littered each morning with invites to another CMO conference and inevitably is the same old same. Either a bunch of vendor-side CMOs touting their wares or big brand CMOs geared to speak on what’s next and their essential coolness. I get it, I’ve been both.

What we need to hear more from are the levels down in the organisation. The people doing the doing. The makers of marketing can tell us so much more. And I’m guessing many would speak the real truth as to the effectiveness of the tools they are using. Alongside them, we need to hear more from Academics. There’s no question the immense value Byron Sharp and Mark Ritson have added to the marketing conversation.

It’s not an either/or question. We need both. What’s lacking today is a real conversation about real marketing and the challenges marketers are facing.

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