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new all black team named…

So, here is the side to face Ireland. I don’t fancy their chances – just not enough time to prepare and most of them coming off a bruising Super 14. That all said, this pretty much sums up my view:

The trouble is, this squad is playing for a coach I can’t stomach and under an administration which I loathe, not only for having allowed Henry’s one-trick excuse act to find a receptive audience, but also its determination to run the game like a secret society that almost encourages a state of fear.

Based on the Warratah’s loosing performance to the crusaders you’d have to say that, with Deans at the helm, Australia have a more than fair chance of being this year’s TriNations Champions…

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  1. By gerry on June 5th, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    Hey Andy; got a favourite/any interest in the Euro 08 soccer tournament? Poland might be worth a bob or two methinks? Gerry

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