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"Green" Resonates As A Message

Just in case you thought Sun and Dell were smoking something with all their Green messaging, take a read of this piece in Computerworld. In fact, Green is the new black when it comes to messaging. Take a look at the messaging leadership that GE is demonstrating.

In fact, GE is one of the few to extend it across to a brand play (“ecoimagination“) while maintaining a degree of authenticity. Sun on the other hand is really doing a great job of attaching the product to tangible benefits – like energy rebates – and product branding – “cool threads“.

What is going on here is interesting. Recognizing the very tangible commercial advantage of messaging green, companies like Sun, GE and Dell are moving beyond messaging as hyperbole and into making the message very real. The stand to gain from the mantra of “live the message and prosper”.

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  1. By JohnP@Dell on September 12th, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    … live the message and *everyone* prospers.

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