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Blog vs. FTC

Wholefoods’ CEO has turned their blog into one big transparency machine. 

This is another example of a broader shift in communications to direct and open dialog. I’d love to see Wholefoods use the blog to mobilize support for their position.

He pulls no punches, providing…

a detailed look into Whole Foods Market’s decision-making process regarding the merger, as well as our company’s experience interacting with the FTC staff assigned to this merger. I provide explanations of how I think the FTC, to date, has neglected to do its homework appropriately, especially given the statements made regarding prices, quality, and service levels in its complaint. I also provide a glimpse into the bullying tactics used against Whole Foods Market by this taxpayer-funded agency. Finally, I provide answers in my FAQ section to many of the questions that various Team Members have fielded from both the media and company stakeholders.

Wow… As a Wholefoods shareholder I’m thrilled he is doing this. I’d rather know what is going on from his perspective than that of the WSJ which has this to say:

Whole Foods says it will battle the FTC in court, and the case will make for some entertaining jujitsu as Mr. Mackey argues that his stores aren’t as unique as his marketing materials suggest, while the FTC pleads that the merger will make Whole Foods less unique and more expensive at the same time. Such are the absurdities of modern antitrust policy.

Make Wholefoods more expensive? Could it be more expensive? Really…

We need the FTC defining markets about as much as we need a hole in head. Maybe FTC employees don’t shop and the new Safeway store down the road from my Supermarket, or the Lunardi’s across the street. Either way, let consumers vote with their feet – the FTC appears to be operating under the premise that they as a higher intellectual authority know better what to than we do with our pocketbook and feet.

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