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Undertaking a Difficult Sales Job

An entertaining read from the Washington Post. Some PR folk will just go to the mat for their clients… I’m going to avoid an PR commentary on this… it really is just too funny. Every industry employs people this silly…. read the whole thing, it goes something like this…

Me: I am in receipt of a pitch you sent to a reporter at The Washington Post… you begin by noting that The Post has recently been covering the controversy over the sale of port management contracts to an Arab Muslim country. Then, employing a non sequitur of breathtaking proportions, or possibly one of the most tasteless transitions in the history of written communication, you say that, in a related development, you represent the National Funeral Directors Association…

Heather: Well, you are incorrect. That is not in context…

Me: Okay, here’s the context: “To follow-up on the articles being written in the Post about Bush’s port deals, John Fitch, VP of Advocacy for the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), can discuss how America is planning to handle the potential mass fatalities from a terrorism standpoint — and perhaps more importantly to you, how small business owners (funeral directors) will play an important role. Most funeral homes are owned by the same family for an average of four generations.”

Heather: Well, yes. The roles they will play in mass fatalities.

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  1. By Amanda Chapel on April 6th, 2006 at 3:24 pm

    Just so you know, this came out almost three weeks ago Andy. Peter Himler of TheFlack ran it on the 18th.

    – Amanda

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