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Southwest CEO Contributes to SWA Blog…

I think it’s a first but Southwest’s CEO clarifies recent remarks on their seating policy on the “Nuts About Southwest” blog. This is a good move – gets the message out unfiltered, start’s up a conversation with customers, and delivers more transparency.

disclosure: Southwest are a Group Lark client and did some consulting awhile back on the blog.

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  1. By Carlos Duran on June 23rd, 2006 at 10:40 am

    Another airline who created a Corporate Blog : Air France Mexico !

  2. By Daniel Inversin on April 2nd, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    Southwest Airlines talks about Customer Service/Communications, but do they really do it?

    I am a frequent flyer, until now with Southwest, but after last weekend..that may change!!

    Yesterday, I was flying back from LAX to Reno…Flight 299…the checkin line was from the counter, outside on the sidewalk to the next terminal…no one from Southwest had the courtesy to inform waiting passengers what was going on (after much searching I was told it was a security machine malfunction) or to find out when our flights left so we won’t miss them!!!

    Than the next fight from Oakland to Reno (#1582) was delayed..but no one tld us..there were two flights on the board and two LA flights left before us from that gate..with NO explanation why or how long?

    Even if it wasn’t Southwest’s problem..they should have let the passengers know of the situation and how long it would be!!

    Great communications..solves alot of problems and bad PR!!

    Daniel J. Inversin, hotelier

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