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New Report… Rebuilding Trust

EuroRSG just released their 11th Annual Survey of the Media with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism:

  • 51% of journalists use blogs regularly – with 28% of them relying on them for day–to-day reporting, despite only 1% believing they are credible.
  • 49% of journalists have lost trust in corporations over the last year, while 45% are less trusting of the professional behavior of their own colleagues – up from 34% in 2003.
  • 76% of journalists agree that corporate candidness in times of crisis is poor, and 66% say the same about corporate transparency during a company crisis.
  • 93% note that they are less trusting of colleagues, and 79% believe that recent revelations about journalists taking payment from third parties has had quite a strong effect on media credibility.

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