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Dell Launches Blog

Dell is out of the gate with a corporate blog… Like every corporate blog it is looking for a voice and will probably take time to find one. It’s a little corporatey – but then its a corporate blog. The bloggerati just need to get over every blog coming out the gate reading like a conversation at the local pub and not rehashing the past trials and tribulations of bloggers. It takes time for a corporate blog to find its collective voice.

Perhaps the best thing we could do to welcome a new corporate blog isn’t to critique it (just yet) but rather to participate. Engage them if you are interested. Give it time to settle and grow and nurture it with comments.

PRWeek says they are out to tell a story – if the story is – as it seems to be – “take a look at our really hot boxes” – then I hope they continue down the path of more recent posts which do seem to have more of a narrative.

The fact that they don’t address past issues doesn’t really bother me – I really could care less about the ranting and raving about Dell customer service – I use an Apple and a Sony… 🙂

Anyway – I have a long history with Dell and am a big fan – it’s great to see them taking steps in the right direction with regard to their communication. A company that has direct at its core should be engaging in conversations. The do to the tune of about 3 million calls a day so why not here!

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  1. By Marianne Richmond on July 10th, 2006 at 11:41 pm


    I agree with you…give Dell and every other corporation that tries to blog some space to figure it out…it is no wonder that there is a reluctance for corporations to enter the blogosphere.


  2. By Maria Palma on July 11th, 2006 at 2:33 pm

    I don’t own a Dell either, but it’s interesting to watch how bad customer service stories can spread like wildfire. I’d like to know exactly how they’re going to change their ways and if they’ll indeed address them on the blog.

  3. By Easton Ellsworth on July 19th, 2006 at 10:45 am

    Andy, I’m a longtime Dell customer and have liked the things I’ve bought from Dell. But I’ve heard lots of horror stories, so I know it’s not a perfect company. But like you, I see Dell’s new one2one blog as a step – however small – in the right direction. It’s showing that it’s trying to pay better attention to its customers. Hopefully this will rub off on lots of other big companies!

    There’s no need to fear the “blogosphere.” I think a company just needs to prepare well for the launch of a new corporate blog. The design, the conversationalitiness (I know), a good smattering of initial posts – all that needs to be ready to go right from the beginning. Not as hard as it sounds. And Dell’s a huge company with tons of resources – and a tech company no less! So they should be expected to know what they’re doing with a blog, and they certainly should be expected to enable easy conversation with their present and future customers.

  4. By Lindsay Lohan on October 25th, 2006 at 1:27 am
  5. By Tom Jelen, Chicago, Illinois on November 29th, 2006 at 11:49 am

    Note: From the Dell blog…. Conversation is encouraged and expected. However, moderation of comments is necessary to prevent spam, profanity and off-topic commentary. Comments related to specific product support or customer service issues will be addressed separately rather than posted here. Please use the links in Contact Us for product and customer service assistance.

    This is all I need to read. It’s at the end of a Dell company Blog.
    Dell does not stand by the product they make! nor do they want comments that are negative about their customer service. The ViPs are all out to lunch and counting the money they suckered off the public. My XPS stands for xtra Piece of ____, crimped cables, a Hitachi 500gb(not covered) crashed drive, the LCD monitor has fingerprints and dirt inside the screen, electrical shorts with the media reader, dvdrw that doesn’t work and not recognized the CD writer is in the same sinking cheap part boat. The machine hasn’t worked properly since day one. Sometimes I think they sent me somebody’s return.
    No Way in Hell buy a Dell. There’s a saying about the fool and his money, Don’t be a Victim and don’t buy their advertising. The Dell people could care one ioda about the consumer. I thought I was purchasing a top of the line machine and when the drive crashed 10 days out of warranty the tech found a cut cable, when he went into the machine to replace the drive, he also told me he had six XPS’s sitting on the work bench waiting for their shoddy parts to be sent from the factory. SAVE YOURSELF the TROUBLE and purchase a Sony or Compact anything but Dell and don’t say you haven’t been warned. Call customer service and see how your treated, Ill tell you quickly, anyone on the other side of the world could care less about your computer, and the problems your having, any executive from Dell that reads this I do have pity on you, your company stinks, its a good thing you people don’t make airplanes or cars….. Service Tag 2LYPZ71 Tjelen ……………..
    Like Mister ‘T’ says ‘I PITTY THE FOOL’

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