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Dialogue-Driven Communications

Great story in AdAge this morning on P&G moving to dialogue-driven communications. They get that it’s no longer about “telling and selling”.

Procter & Gamble’s Jim Stengel described a major cultural shift that is turning the world’s largest marketer into a starter of conversations and a solver of consumers’ problems rather than a one-way communicator. “It’s not about telling and selling,” said the chief marketing officer of the company that once lived by that simple mantra. “It’s about bringing a relationship mindset to everything we do.”

Too often the focus is on a “digital or nothing” strategy – with an emphasis on moving into the interactive realms. Stengel is right that the imperative needs to be different: “the need for brands to be authentic, trustworthy and generous”.

And I like this view: “Market share is trust materialized.”

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