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Pegasus News Launches First Site…

TexasGigs is up and running. Congrats to the team at Pegasus. From the site:

"Our advanced technology will deliver uniquely relevant, customized news and information to each of our readers based on where they live and what they enjoy reading most." Pegasus coverage will go down to block level and as wide as the community; among oither features, they promise downloadable dining, entertainment and city guides.

More over at paidContent. According to Steve Outing, TexasGigs will be part of the full Pegasus Dallas site (as yet unnamed) when it debuts.

The model here is a good one for corporates looking to harness alternate publishing models – here a strong editor drives the site while soliciting submissions from the public and enabling plenty of comments, chatting etc… This is very different from other models in which the blog simply exists for folks to post away to, editors be damned.

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  1. By Mike Orren on December 25th, 2005 at 9:07 am

    Thanks, Andy!

    Been meaning to ask you– My wife read a story about some rampaging anarchist Santas out your way. True, or urban legend?

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