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  • OMG. So sad... ,
  • Good look at the impacts of SAH on compliance and tech... Be Prepared to Stay at Home in 2021 – even if you don’t w… ,
  • Dense Discovery is still my favourite newsletter. Look forward to it each week. Well worth supporting IMHO.… ,
  • Great read... I Feel Better Now | Jake Bittle ,
  • Another great example of cluelessness. Google has a right to exercise inordinate power over its own products. Just… ,
  • via ... is hard for us here to laugh. States now run the country abs SOMO sitting on the sidelines. ,
  • Still a bit surprising to me how often people confuse a successful company with a monopoly. And how they will compl… ,
  • And what about the rest of the Internet... they'll ask to dip their hand into the Google coffers as well... this is… ,
  • And oh, isn't Google fully within its rights to say "nah, don't think so, "we'll just stop surfacing news we have t… ,
  • Wonder if our Govt will figure out how search works and understand we want to find news on Google and it takes us t… ,
  • Yep. 100% Chaos. Covid has exposed the need for a new approach to Federal vs. State level governance. Border cont… ,
  • WA Premier lashes NSW over virus and continues to be full of rhetoric and utter BS. VIC is doing worse than NSW by… ,
  • Spot on. A Royal Commission should be accelerated by the PM... Victoria’s brutal bureaucracy bereft of basic decency ,
  • A great read... So right... Let’s ask a better question: Why doesn’t advertising work (more often)? | WARC ,
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Time to drink…

  • Great list of wine blogs in the WSJ:
  • If you are into wine, also check out Hal’s podcast over at Porthos. The latest reveals the secrets of Silver Oak – “The Silver Oak ownership team of Tim and David Duncan reveal their “secret to success” crafting the #1 Collector Cabernet in America and the highly rated Silver Oak “Twomey” Merlot rated #1 by Robert Parker last year. Listen now to discover intriguing information about the history of Silver Oak, the inspiration for Twomey, and a few surprising revelations about the lengths some thirsty Silver Oak fans will go to acquire this renowned wine.”
  • I also like Spitton, 101 Cookbooks, A Nice Cuppa, bainbridge on Wine, and Wine Spectator Online, of course…
  • Wait, there is more from James:

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  1. By Ed O’Meara on October 24th, 2006 at 10:41 am


    Just to add a great place of interest for those that enjoy wine – Mark Squires runs a great community over at You do not have to be a paying subscriber to participate. There are fantastic, deep, shallow, intelligent, fun, and sometimes wacky conversations, and both RP and winery owners participate… check it out

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