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Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

CMO mag has a list of some of the dumbest PR quotes of the year. Little gems like this:

  • "More Than 19 Percent of Men and 36 Percent of Women Worldwide Would Rather Give Birth than Experience Poor Customer Service, a Recent Survey Reports’
  • "We are advised by a representative of the company that the seventh paragraph, first sentence, should read ‘Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky of Miami, the new Coca-Cola Zero campaign is the first creative work the agency has developed for Coca-Cola North America’ rather than, ‘Crisping Porter + Bogusly’ as originally issued inadvertently.’
  • "Putting your enterprise on Viagra: Network Automation’s AutoMate 6.0 automates and jump starts the basic routines that saves an IT Admistrator’s time – saving hundreds of mouse clicks and keystrokes daily.’

For goodness sake people…

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