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Great quotes…

Richard Edelman has posted a terrific series of quotes from Davos. Well worth a scan. Here are some of my faves.

"The future is in our hands as journalists. We are in the business
of making something special out of a commodity. We are not in the
distribution business. We create a beautiful product which consumers
are willing to pay for."
— Mike Oreskes, editor, International Herald Tribune

"The future of news is shifting online. The crowd has come on the
field and is trying to get into the game. We need to be open about our
news judgment. Our tone must be real, as too much of what we do feels
— Richard Sambrook, editor, BBC

"The value of news is based on trust. What you produce must be
respected. Journalists are in the securities business where success is
based on innovation, while aggregators are in the derivatives business.
We have a civic and business role."
— Lionel Barber, editor, Financial Times

"User generated content is the killer application. This new form of
editorial is as authoritative as traditional media because of its
authenticity and creativity. The definition of trusted content is
changing based on consumer preference."
— Brandon Burgess, CEO of Paxson Media

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  1. By Sean G. on February 13th, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    Always interesting to run into Richard Edelman and Martin Sorrel together in Davos.

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