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Blog + Wiki =?

Interesting conversation on what happens when you cross a blog and a wiki. You get a bliki. Martin has an interesting definition of what a bliki is.

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  1. By micha on December 14th, 2005 at 10:25 am

    Hi, Andrew. Actually I think blogs and wikis will meet where both get more structure, that is “structured blogging” and “structured wikis” both coming from different angles but will meet nearby. Most of the time I refer to “structured wikis” as of “wiki applications” being a way of writing web apps where the application and its content meet in a very interesting way: the application can be adjusted with the flexibility given by the “wiki way” of writing content. The result is what I’d like to call a WikiWorkbench (based on typed content). Maybe wiki applications will catch up with or even surpass Ruby on Rails in a more do-it-all-in-one-place way.

    See jojowiki for an example of a blog done as a “wiki application”. This is done on a TWiki engine using a customized skin and plugin that provide the look’n feel of well known blog software. The wiki origin provides all those means of interwoven content while the
    application itself helps you in reading and writing the way that became so popular with blogs.

    The stress field for the content in a bliki (I’m not sure if I like the term) is how long-lasting content will be. Wikis suffer from outdated content; blog postings tend to vanish in the past. In a wiki you’d wish to give chunks of it a nice handle to throw it a way at some point of time while bloggers get a means to refactor what they’ve been writing about all the time,
    even more so in a multi-author bliki.

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